Intellectual Property Law

Patent and Trademark Infringement Litigation

Our principal Attorney Kakinuki has handled over one hundred complex litigation matters, including numerous IP and complex engineering cases. His trial skills are enhanced by trials in matters as diverse as patent infringement, trademark and/or trade dress infringement, and trade secret litigation. This experience includes both acting for plaintiffs in enforcing their IP against infringers and acting for defendants protecting them against specious or exaggerated claims of infringement.
See Representative Cases for some well-known cases we have handled.

Patent and Trademark Licensing

We offer a full range of IP services ranging from acquisition to licensing and developing and executing marketing strategies with respect to patents, trademarks and other IP. We assist clients with audit studies and evaluations of their current IP positions and help clients to target companies or financial institutions to structure joint venture and other strategic alliance agreements, research & development contracts or licensing programs.

IT Protection, Utilization and Exploitation

Attorney Kakinuki at one time or another has assisted many, if not most, of the major semiconductor manufacturers and software companies and other IT companies in agreements for the distribution and licensing of their products, Japanization and other localization of their software, electronic commerce, issues related to the “Year 2000 Bug”, fabrication contracts and other issues related to the exploitation of their IT assets.

Films and Other Copyright Related Matters

Attorney Kakinuki has acted for several Hollywood and Japanese studios, in matters ranging from enforcement against counterfeit DVDs in Asia, to Film Production Agreements involving U.S. and Asian investors or U.S. and Asian writers, actors, directors, stunt choreographers and consultants.