Litigation and Other Dispute Resolution

Domestic & International Litigation

We have handled jury and bench trials and domestic and international litigation and arbitrations in intellectual property/information technology, trade secret, commercial and contract cases. Besides numerous venues in the U.S., these litigations have been in places like Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Spain.
See Representative Cases for some well-known cases we have handled.

Domestic & International Arbitration

We have handled major arbitrations both domestically as well as internationally under the American Arbitration Association and International Chamber of Commerce-Paris rules, and Attorney Kakinuki was one of the founding Directors (発起人・理事) of the Japan Association of Arbitrators (社団法人日本仲裁人協会) established jointly by the Ministry of Justice of Japan and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations.

Military Justice and Military Affairs

Attorney Kakinuki also serves as a Major and Judge Advocate (JAG) in the California State Guard, detached to the California Army National Guard (CAARNG). He previously served as Senior Defense Counsel, handling appeals of court-martial convictions to the California Military Appeals Panel,as Officer in Charge of the Northern California appellate defense unit detached to CAARNG’s Trial Defense Service. More recently he has been embedded in the 1st Battalion, 143d Field Artillery Regiment, 79th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, 40th Infantry Division, CAARNG, during which time he handled numerous cases in the courts against banks, mortgage lenders, credit card companies, cellphone providers and landlords while his Battalion was deployed to the Middle East. MAJ Kakinuki served from Nov. 2017 to May 2019 as the Deputy Chief – Legal Assistance for the California Military Department (CMD), and since June 2019 has been serving as Deputy Chief, Command Legal Services – Team Bravo, CMD.