IP, Antitrust Law
and U.S.-Japan Matters

Big firm legal services
at charges below larger law firms

Welcome to Kakinuki Law Office, PC

垣貫法律事務所 PCへようこそ

Kakinuki Law Office, PC has a particular focus on IP disputes, antitrust matters and related matters for non-Japanese companies in Japan, as well as for Japanese companies overseas.

We are committed to providing our clients with first-rate legal services at charges below those of larger firms, as a premier trusted adviser in U.S.-Asia intellectual property and other matters.

In addition, our principal Attorney John Kakinuki brings to bear many years of experience both as in-house counsel and as external counsel for companies in highly regulated industries, from high technology to financial services to assist his clients with regulatory matters in Asia, particularly in Japan.

垣貫法律事務所 PCは外資系企業のための日本における、または日本企業のための外国における知的所有権紛争、独占禁止法案件等の案件について特に焦点をおいております。



The portrait of Attorney John Kakinuki
Attorney John Kakinuki, President
社長兼弁護士 垣貫ジョン
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